Authors:      Maclin and Karen Horton


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Maclin and his wife Karen were among the founders of Caelum Et Terra and served as assistant editor and art director/managing editor, respectively, from 1991 to the fall issue of 1995, at which time their family life became too busy to handle these duties.  Maclin wrote the “Last Writes” column in the journal, as well as many book reviews and articles.  Karen Horton is largely credited for obtaining the striking artwork and calligraphy used in the magazine and was responsible for most of the layout. The Hortons continue to live in Fairhope, Alabama.  (note: all articles below are by Maclin unless noted)


Articles in Caelum Et Terra by Maclin and Karen Horton:


Summer 1991

Vol 1 no 1

Why Caeulm Et Terra?


Fleeing the Knowledge Factory

Karen Horton

A Wind of Lies

Book Reviews: Prospects for Conservatives by Russell Kirk


Fall 1991

Volume 1 no 2

Book Reviews: Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman (two opposing views on the book)


Winter 1992

Volume 2 no 1

The Romantic, the Rural, and the Real


Spring 1992

Volume 2 no 2

Trying to Talk to an Eco-Warrior: A Catholic Encounter with Radical Environmentalism

Book Reviews: Signposts in a Strange Land, by Walker Percy


Fall 1992

Volume 2 no 4

Book Reviews: Life after Television by George Gilder


Winter 1993

Volume 3 no 1

Last Writes: Bloodsuckers


Spring 1993

Volume 3 no 2

Last Writes: Love and Multi-culturalism


Summer 1993

Volume 3 no 3

Community Supported Sanity

Karen Horton

Last Writes: Difficult Friends


Fall 1993

Volume 3 no 4

Last Writes: Global Metropolis


Winter 1994

Volume 4 no 1

Nothing at the Center

Last Writes: The Bay of the Holy Spirit

Spring 1994

Volume 4 no 2

Book Reviews: Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community by Wendell Berry

Last Writes: Radio Silence


Summer 1994

Volume 4 no 3

Book Reviews: The Age of Missing Information by Bill McKibben

Last Writes: The Mall and the Cemetery


Fall 1994

Volume 4 no 4

Last Writes: Hurricane Season


Spring 1995

Volume 5 no 2

Last Writes: On Progress, Change, The Maori, and NPR


Summer 1996

Volume 6 no 2

Reading Tolkien



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