Author:      Juli Loesch Wiley


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Juli Loesch Wiley has been an activist in peace-and-justice causes, including the prolife movement, for many years.  She resides with her family in Tennessee.  For permission to use her articles, you can email her by clicking here, or write to her at 509 East Unaka Avenue, Johnson City, TN  37601



Articles in Caelum Et Terra by Juli Loesch Wiley :



Summer 1991

Vol 1 no 1

Conformed to Christ: Four Reflections


Fall 1991

Volume 1 no 2

The Church as School for Humanity


Winter 1993

Volume 3 no 1

The Braided Rug


Summer 1994

Volume 4 no 3

Milk & Honey


Fall 1994

Volume 4 no 4

Marty’s Novena


Spring 1995

Volume 5 no 2

Je Me Souviens: Remembering Quebec


Summer 1996

Volume 6 no 2

Book Reviews: Mother and Infant by Fr. William D. Virtue


Fall 1996

Volume 6 no 3

Mothering and Justice “The Social Order as Community”

Book Review: A Plea for Purity by Johann Christoph Arnold




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